Corporate brand for SANTA group of companies

Russkoye morje, Santa Bremor, Savushkin Product, Santa Rest, Santa Invest, Santa Moldova, Santa Ukraine, Santa Impex and other 10 business units have always existed as a single system but have never been the same at the visual and value level. The task of the project was to develop a corporate brand for the holding which would later communicate with employees, partners, the state.

In order to develop and implement a unified system without provoking rejection, PG team included employees and top management in the research project. Thus, 50 in-depth interviews with key top managers were conducted, and about 300 questionnaires were received from other employees.

Brand platform, mission, vision, values and the key brand metaphor was developed based on this research.
The brand essence is expressed in the sentence "our possibilities are unlimited". Interviews with employees had an atmosphere of ambitiousness and belief in the limitlessness of the company's capabilities.
"While working on the transition of this metaphor to design, we were limited to the direction of minimalism in the identity and had to create graphics that have lots of positive meanings."

A mountain, a road stretching into the distance, a house roof, an arrow. What do you see in the sign?
In the logo, the letters "A" and the upper arrow are built at a certain angle of 117⁰, forming the top of the mountain. Corporate blue color unites the affiliated brands that used this color in one way or another.
Based on the approved logo, the agency developed one of the most detailed brandbooks it has ever made. The project lasted for 1.5 years and finally, in 2018 its results are actively used by Santa group of companies.

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