In the scope of the projcet there was a task to develop corporate style for the company, which is engaged in complex metalwork. The main factor of quality work in any company is its staff. But produceability of Resif is defined by its modern equipment with quality tools.

That's why key element of firm block is sign X. Its shape reminds of tool for milling operation and is presented like butt mill with 4 incisors. Corporate pattern reminds maze. The core of the brand is presented like the meeting of complicated mechanic tasks. RESIF helps its clients to cope with tasks that cannot be completed by the majority of competitors. Such features like accuracy, logic and certainty are necessary to cope with embarrassed mind-teasers and mazes.

As a result company has started new development stage with new corporate style. Created on the basis of already exisiting corporate culture, it's easily taken by staff and creates positive image in the view of partners.

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