Wargaming is the leading company not only in the creation of computer games but also in marketing, management and personnel management approaches. In order to increase the involvement of staff, the WG organized a contest for the creation of computer games in brainstorm regime in 2017. Our task was to make the event ideological and offer the graphical components — key-art, logo.

The key idea is “to be beyond the possible”, “to be out of the comfort zone”. As a metaphor, we decided to use the start of the shuttle flight. The idea of the event was that, those who usually do not create games in the course of their work did it within the competition. Therefore, graphics should be with the appropriate challenge and atmosphere.

In the logo shuttle is already in flight. Creating the game of the year — means to be on top; in graphics we have put additional meaning — the flight of thoughts. Besides, one person cannot operate the shuttle, it needs a team - that's why from different space objects we choose shuttle.

We decided to use not only shuttle, but also to show the contrast of new games created during the competition, and old games, that watch the ascent of a new legend.

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