The limited edition of beer "Bobrov" to the festival "Rock for Bobrov 2019"

For 12 years, the brand "Bobrov" is the organizer of the popular rock festival in Minsk. To pique the interest of the audience to this event, the brand is implementing a limited edition with an interesting new design.
Task: to develop a design for a special limited beer cans for a rock festival.
Idea: representatives of different generations come to the festival with different musical favorites, but “Rock for Bobrov” is a place that unites them.
Decision: show the unity of music fans of different ages through the typical music attributes of the past decades.
Thus, there were four types of design with the author's illustrations of devices for listening to music from different "eras", which on the shelf form a single system:
• records from 80’s;
• cassettes from 90's;
• CDs from 00's;
• mp3-players from 10’s.
For promotion there will be an advertising game: «Easter eggs» with coded popular songs are placed in unexpected places on beer cans. Consumers who find them all will be able to receive invitation tickets to the festival.

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